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MedMobile® Digital Mobility Aid Pedal Exerciser for Arms & Legs

This pedal exerciser is an economic exercise bike so compact that it stores out of the way under a chair or bed. Use this portable pedal exerciser regularly to improve coordination as well as blood circulation. The steel frame construction ensures durability. The plastic pedals on this Pedal Exerciser feature leather straps for a secure hold during your workout. There ...

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Exerciser Aerobic Pedal for Arms & Legs

Great for cardiovascular fitness, this versatile exerciser can be used with either the feet or hands. Chrome-plated steel frame construction and lightweight, compact design make this unit handy for use at home, at work, or just about anywhere. Plastic pedals feature non-slip grips and nylon straps to prevent feet from slipping out unintentionally, and anti-slip treads on the base keep ...

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MedMobile Digital Legs and Arms Stationary Mini Bike

This portable stationary bike stimulates blood circulation and muscle strength.| Built-in Computer with LCD Shows Scan, Time, ODO, Rate Per Minute, Distance, Calory and Speed.| Place it on tabletop to exercise arms or enjoy bicycle-type exercise from your chair. | Made of heavy duty steel with a large tension knob to adjust for variable resistance. | Comfortable pedal straps has ...

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